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Engaging and Acquiring Millions With SoFi

How do you keep current customers engaged and generate new leads? That’s the question we set out to answer with SoFi. Ultimately it came down to creating high quality content on a daily basis across multiple products.

After working with SoFi to understand their existing and ideal customers, we helped build, launch, and scale, a content bundle for the publicly traded fintech company.

This content bundle is comprised of a newsletter, podcast, and Amazon Alexa skill that are delivered daily to millions of SoFi customers.

We started working with SoFi in February 2020. In 2020 SoFi’s membership grew by 875,000 members to 1.85 million. In 2021 SoFi added 1.61 million additional members, closing out the year with 3.46 million members.

This content bundle has aided SoFi’s growth, keeping current members engaged and attracting new customers.

Maintaining a Reputation with J.P. Morgan

Finding good financial writers is really hard. You need someone who understands industry vernacular and content marketing. This person needs to know what both the SEC and SEO stand for.

Quite frankly, many people who work in the finance industry, aren’t great writers (trust us, we know). They’re also not interested in the marketing space. Conversely, many people who work in the content marketing industry, aren’t great with financial concepts. They’re amazing writers, but they don’t know how to craft crisp, professional financial copy.

This is why companies like J.P. Morgan turn to Walk-On Holdings. As the world’s largest bank by assets, they needed a team that can do both. They needed a group of great writers that can help explain and untangle complex financial topics.

What is a stock split? What is a P/E ratio? Is it better for a couple to file taxes jointly or separately? These are all questions we’ve helped J.P. Morgan answer for their audience of millions.

Building Audio Ads With Amazon

Not every project needs to be explicitly transaction-driven. Sometimes the most memorable campaigns are the ones that build brand awareness in a novel and unique way.

This is the idea behind the “Beggin’ Boogie”, a campaign that pushed the boundaries of audio marketing for Purina.

Walk-On Holdings helped Amazon Ads build a voice landing page and customized Alexa Skill for Purina that created an enjoyable experience for not only their customers, but their pets as well.

The “Beggin’ Boogie” has garnered millions of impressions across Amazon Ads products and contributed to a significant lift in new-to-brand purchases, according to a follow-up interview. The campaign also created discussion and engagement on social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

For brands, the takeaway is that sometimes it pays to get creative.

Building Trust With Best Buy Health

Most podcasts are designed for the broader public. These are great, and we’ve helped create a few. With Best Buy Health, however, we took a slightly different approach.

For context, Best Buy Health works with caregivers that provide around-the-clock support to our elderly population. These caregivers monitor seniors and sometimes recommend products to help improve their lives.

In order to stay top of mind for these caregivers, Walk-On Holdings helped Best Buy Health launch a B2B podcast. In the series, we discuss issues ranging from Aphasia to Parkinson’s Disease.

This B2B podcast has helped elevate the brand for not only these caregivers, but also the million-plus people that are using Best Buy Health technology.

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