What is a Good Click-Through Rate?

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics and benchmarks for digital marketers. A high CTR means you’re getting your message in front of the right people and that your ads are effective. But what is a good click-through rate? Read on to find out!

What is a Click-Through Rate?

What is a click-through rate, or CTR? Simply put, a click-through rate is the percentage of people who see something online and then click on it. This number can be used to measure the success of a marketing campaign or the popularity of a website.

The first thing to consider when trying to get a higher click-through rate is your target audience. Different types of audiences are likely to respond differently to various types of content marketing. For example, if you’re targeting older searchers with Google ads for travel deals or luxury products, they may not be as interested in these deals as a younger audience would be, and the total number of clicks would be lower. On the other hand, if you’re targeting students or young professionals, they may be more likely to respond to ad campaigns for inexpensive or high-tech products.

Why Does it Matter?

As the name suggests, click-through rate is the percentage of people who click on particular links or PPC ads. A high CTR means that a significant number of people are interested in what you’re offering. Conversely, a low CTR can be an indication that your ad or link is not relevant to your target audience, and has low impressions, and ad rank on organic searches.

What Factors Impact CTR?

The first factor that affects CTR is the quality score of your ad copy. Well-written and engaging ad copy can help you attract more clicks by enticing users to click on your ad and learn more about what you have to offer. Ideally, your ads should be short, simple, and easy to understand while also incorporating persuasive language that encourages users to take action and ideally find themselves on a landing page.

Another important factor that affects CTR is the placement of your ad. Ads that are placed above the fold or in prime real estate on a website are more likely to be seen and clicked on than ads that are buried down in the page or placed off to the side. If you want your ads to perform well, it’s important to place them where they’ll be most visible and easy to find.

The design of your ad can also impact CTR. Ads that are attention-grabbing, visually appealing, and have a good ad position are more likely to be noticed and clicked on than ads that are dull or generic looking. If you want your ads to stand out, make sure they’re designed in a way that will grab users’ attention and get them to take notice.

Finally, the timing of your ad can also influence CTR. If you’re running ads on a website or in an app, it’s important to consider when users are most active and likely to see your ad. If you place your ad with a good CTA when users are more likely to be engaged, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed and clicked on. Wordstream can be used by digital marketers to track these metrics.

What is a Good Click-Through Rate for SEO?

According to 2022 data from firstpagesage.com, ranking at position one typically generates a CTR of 39.6%, while positions two and three yield 18.4% and 10.1%, respectively. To increase your site’s click-through rate, focus on optimizing titles and meta descriptions that accurately reflect the content on each page, as well as including keywords in these elements without being spammy or keyword stuffing.

What is a Good Click-Through Rate for PPC?

A good CTR for PPC campaigns is one that performs well in terms of both quantity and quality, leading to high conversion rates and increased ROI. A high CTR can be achieved through a combination of factors such as targeted keywords, ad copy, and targeted ads. The industry average click-through rate for Google search ads is around 1.91%. However, these averages can vary depending on the industry and other factors.

What is a Good Click-Through Rate for Display Ads?

So, what is a good CTR for display network ads? While there is no definitive answer, the average CTR for display ads across all industries is typically around 0.35%. However, this varies greatly depending on factors such as the type of ad, the industry, and the target audience.

Some advertisers may consider a 1% CTR to be a high click-through rate, while others may strive for 5% or even 10%. Ultimately, it depends on your specific goals, ad spend, total impressions, and objectives.

What is a Good Click-Through Rate for Email?

Your CTR is a measure of how often people who receive your email campaigns actually click on the links or call-to-action within the message. A higher CTR indicates that your recipients are finding your content relevant and engaging on the results page and are more likely to take action.

The average email marketing campaign CTR varies depending on the industry you’re in, but typically falls somewhere between 2-5%.

What is a Good Click-Through Rate for Social Media?

Generally speaking, any click-through rate above 0.05% or 0.1% is considered good for social media advertising. This number will vary slightly depending on the platform and ad format you are using, but generally speaking, you should aim for at least this baseline in order to achieve success with your campaigns.

What is a Good Click-Through Rate for YouTube?

When it comes to YouTube, a good click-through rate (CTR) is anything above 4.5%. This means that for every 100 views your video gets, at least 4.5 people are clicking through to watch it. A high CTR is indicative of a strong, engaging video that is drawing in viewers and keeping their attention.

What is the Average CTR for a Facebook Ad?

The average CTR for a Facebook ad is 0.89% across all industries. Understanding this statistic is crucial to the success of your Facebook Ads campaigns, as it can help you determine how well your ads are performing and what steps may be necessary to improve performance.

What is the Average CTR for a Google Ad?

While the average click-through rate (CTR) for a Google search engine ad across all industries is 3.17% for search networks, this number can vary greatly depending on the industry.


Good click-through rates are essential for effective digital marketing efforts. By understanding what a good CTR is and how to achieve it, you can improve your chances of success in all areas of digital marketing.